Studying lysosomal dynamics in neurodegenerative diseases

Lysosomes are acidic organelles full of hydrolases, primarily responsible for the clearance of cellular cargo. However, these multifaceted organelles extend beyond their degradative functions and hold pivotal roles within various cellular processes, particularly during the stress response. Notably, lysosomal dysfunction is a hallmark feature of numerous neurodegenerative diseases.

What we do

In the Bonet-Ponce lab, our mission is to unravel the intricacies of lysosomal biology and dynamics, in order to identify potential therapeutic targets aimed at addressing neurodegenerative disorders.

A word from our PI: Luis Bonet-Ponce

“I hold a strong conviction that a comprehensive understanding of a disease’s biology is paramount for effective treatment. As a cell biologist, my profound interest lies in unraveling the intricate workings of the cell. Lysosomes captivate my attention, given their profound influence on the destiny of a cell. My scientific mission is to leverage my expertise in lysosomal biology to explore disease mechanisms and ultimately identify potential therapeutic targets.”

Interested in joining our lab?

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